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Digital Data Sharing for Dial Before You Dig

If you’ve lodged an enquiry through Dial Before You Dig recently you may have received a response including links to display the assets directly on a web map or allowing you to download the spatial data. These links offer alternative ways of looking at the underground assets other than the standard PDF.

With more than forty Dial Before You Dig members (utilities and local governments) now using SmarterWX Automate for response automation, many organisations are now returning emails containing links to an interactive web map or to a data download form allowing you to extract the asset information for your dig site and load it into your mapping applications.

Web Map on iPhone

Look out for these links appearing on your responses to see if you can view the assets on a web map!

  • View on web map
  • Download spatial file

If you choose the “download spatial file” option, you can choose to export the assets from the area of your dig site into a File GeoDatabase to be included on your own project maps.

Download spatial data


These features are being progressively rolled out by asset owners who use the SmarterWX Automate automated response solution. You’ll be seeing this more and more as an option on your Dial Before You Dig responses.