SmarterWX Locate

DBYD enquiry response collation

SmarterWX Locate takes away the pain of tracking and collating the raft of email responses you receive each time you make a Dial Before You Dig enquiry.

Instead, you receive a single notification to let you know that all responses are ready for viewing and then use a simple web interface to access all the maps, documents and emails.

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Reduce risk

Mitigate your risk by ensuring you have all the right information before breaking ground. SmarterWX Locate maps your enquiry details to deliver immediate clarity on the location of identified assets as well as which responses have not been received.

Increase productivity

By tracking and collating separate enquiry responses, SmarterWX Locate minimises disruptions caused by multiple notifications. Enhance your team’s productivity by notifying members of their tasks and providing immediate access to the information they need to get the job done.

Enterprise Access

SmarterWX Locate turns your Dial Before You Dig enquiries into a corporate asset with an intuitive search interface providing rapid access for any user.

By freeing enquiry responses from individual email accounts everyone can instantly see the information they need.

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Connect to your GIS solution

Integrate SmarterWX Locate with your existing GIS solution to view plans and documents from your web maps and create enquiries by clicking on features.

Create enquiries on-the-go

Create enquiries directly within Locate – avoid switching between applications when creating enquiries and reviewing responses.

Requires third-party subscription to One Call API.

SmarterWX Locate Features

Single Sign-On

Connect to your organisation's Active Directory for centralised user management and frictionless Single Sign-On with SAML Integration.

Response Collation

Allow SmarterWX Locate to replace your inbox for receiving and collating responses to DBYD enquiries.


Access real-time information showing all of your enquiry history and the status of outstanding and received responses.

Simple Search

Allow anyone in your organisation to see what's happening with their team's dig enquiries in real-time through a simple map search.


Facilitate collaboration across your organisation with Teams; provide workspaces for enquiries by geographic extent and make it easier for groups to search and manage responses.

GIS Integration

Connect your One Call enquiry process to your GIS. View the current status of all enquiries on your GIS maps or use map features to automatically submit enquiries.

Single Notification

Rather than being bombarded by emails for all of the responses for your One Call enquiry, sit back and wait for a single notification when all responses are ready.

PDF Compilation

With a single click, convert all the response documents into a single indexed PDF document for easy sharing with colleagues and contractors.

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