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Solutions for Capital Works

Think before you act. Act before you dig.

Leverage a proven suite of management tools that saves time, protects assets, and helps avoid personal injury.

SmarterWX solutions enable anyone involved in capital works management, planning and execution to work smarter. Our range of products help you to maximise productivity in your organisation through active collaboration with partner organisations, workflow automation and information sharing.

The SmarterWX portfolio is built on a secure scaleable cloud platform so that you don't need to worry about a thing. With intelligent mapping at the centre, SmarterWX understands street works and provides the tools to deliver smarter, faster and more efficient capital works programs.


Automating the response process for Dial Before You Dig OneCall Enquiries and keeping everyone in your organisation informed.


Submit your capital works plans and find opportunities for collaboration in the area to save time and costs.


Ensure safety before a dig — locate and protect underground cables and assets with the click of a button. Increase productivity when working with Dial Before You Dig.

Embrace a better way of doing things

organisations getting things done faster
users enjoying higher productivity
projects being managed more efficiently

Keep streets ahead, with new advances

Transform how you manage operations – including your call centers and field crews – with new extensions and our latest technologies.

Streamline the asset enquiry process from end-to-end. Automate your responses and efficiently manage your underground assets with real-time response delivery – even from the field.

  • Virtual white lining
  • Digital plan sharing
  • Instant response
  • Augmented reality
  • Proximity alerts on machinery
  • Improved feedback
  • Data security
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • Real-time notifications
  • Advanced collaboration

Get smarter tools for smarter outcomes

SmarterWX facilitates cooperation between utilities, telcos, councils, and other government agencies, making excavations and road repairs smarter, safer, faster, and more efficient.


Upload proposed projects by adding your data to SmarterWX.

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Communicate with other project managers and coordinate projects.


Save time and money by collaborating on projects.